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Instagram child accounts for Mother and child method

What are Child Accounts?

Child accounts refer to a specialized set of custom Instagram accounts that are created specifically to promote and support your main Instagram page, also known as the "mother account," which is dedicated to promoting your OnlyFans content.

How does it work?

Primary Actions: - Follows: Targeted daily follows to attract attention and gain organic followers. - Likes: Engaging with relevant posts to increase visibility and establish connections. - Direct Messages: Meaningful conversations and mass messaging to reach your target audience. - Tags in Bios: Strategic use of tags in bios to enhance visibility and discoverability. Secondary Actions: - Sharing recent posts in Direct Messages: Boosting engagement and driving traffic. - Shoutouts in Instagram Stories: Collaborating with influential accounts for wider exposure. - Tags in Posts: Maximizing discoverability and expanding your reach. Experience remarkable growth with our tailored strategies.

Instagram mother and child methodHow its work?
Instagram Mother and slave method account safety

Can my Mother Account Get Banned?

No, your main account (mother account) is not at risk of being banned. The growth marketing activities are solely carried out by the child accounts, ensuring the safety and integrity of your main account.

Which types of businesses utilize this method?

The Instagram Mother Child method is employed by a wide range of businesses, including:

  • OnlyFans models
  • Fashion models
  • Niche theme pages
  • Crypto/NFT projects
    These businesses utilize this method to boost their Instagram presence and effectively engage with their target audience.

  • Instgram mother sna slave method for Onlyfans or NFT projects

    Results of Mother-Child Method?

    Here are some outstanding results achieved by our clients through the implementation of the Mother-Child Method:

  • Witnessed rapid growth in their Instagram following, surpassing 10,000 real followers within a month.
  • Achieved remarkable success on Onlyfans, acquiring 500 new subscribers in just two weeks.
  • Experienced significant expansion of their Niche Theme Page, attracting 5,000 new followers within a week.
  • Generated substantial interest and investment in their Crypto/NFT Project, resulting in a remarkable 300% increase in token sales.
  • Our Service Guarantees

    Our service provides guarantees based on the package you choose:

  • Our smallest package guarantees a minimum up to 750 followers per month.
  • The medium package guarantees a range of 750 to 1500+ followers per month.
  • The biggest package guarantees a range of 1500 to 3000+ followers per month.

  • How to Place an Order

    Begin using the Instagram Mother-Child method in just 3 simple steps!ย 

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    Bronze Package

    Ignite Your Presence
    $ 299 Monthly
    • 10 Accounts
    • Targeted audience research
    • Monthly progress reports
    • Email support

    Silver Package

    Elevate Your Influence
    $ 499 Monthly
    • 20 Accounts
    • Advanced audience targeting with AI
    • Bi-weekly progress reports
    • Email and chat support

    Gold Package

    Dominate Your Sphere
    $ 999 Monthly
    • 40 Accounts
    • In-depth market analysis & competitor research
    • Weekly progress reports
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Priority email, chat, and phone support


    It typically takes 3-5 days to set up your customized child accounts and initiate interactions. Please note that for new subscriptions, there may be a warming period of up to 1 week before reaching maximum interactions per day.

    You are responsible for providing a list of Instagram accounts with a large following that are within your niche, such as competitors or similar-looking models. Additionally, we can utilize AI-powered tools to conduct research and target accounts that are likely to be interested in your mother account.

    The child accounts share stories from the mother account and encourage users to follow it. The content of the stories varies depending on the niche we are working with.

    In order to start using this method, your Mother account needs to have at least 15 posted pictures and 2-3 highlighted stories.

    The Mother-Child method provides several benefits to your Instagram account. Firstly, it helps protect your main account from shadow-banning, ensuring that your content reaches a wider audience. Additionally, it keeps your main account in a healthy state by maintaining a consistent engagement rate, which contributes to the growth of your account. Overall, this method enhances the visibility and success of your Instagram account.

    No, your main account is safe and not at risk of being banned. The Mother-Child method operates through the child accounts, so any potential risks are associated only with those accounts. Your main account remains secure and unaffected by this method.

    Absolutely! If any of the child accounts get banned, we will promptly replace them at no extra charge. This ensures that you can continue building your main Instagram account without any interruptions or additional expenses.

    Yes, all the child accounts are carefully managed by real individuals. This human touch ensures that the accounts operate authentically and reduces the likelihood of them being flagged or banned.